Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A look back

As I was on the computer checking pictures and making sure I was all up to date on the blog, I got sucked into looking at old pictures. Since I don't have any current pictures to share, I thought I would put together my own little compilation. Our picture files go back to 2002(when Bryan started collecting), so that's what I did. We've got thousands and thousands of pictures, and while I missed birthdays, weddings, holidays and many other memorable moments, I picked a few that made me smile. Some have been on here before, some not. 

Literally one of the very first pictures.
Bryan, his dad and brothers. 
Our second date. :) 
First date was to the Bethel Christmas Gala of 2003. I have a hard copy of that picture. This was bowling with friends at Bethel.
I think this was almost exactly 10 years ago!
Four-wheeling with the Stuckys. 
We posed here and laughed that we hoped our first house would be a little nicer than this.
That it was. 
 Bryan's graduation from Bethel.
Our much loved Professor of Biology, Dr. Wayne Wiens. 
We fell in love in his class.
Wayne pronounced my name Dani-yell.
His classes were the highlight of our Bethel studies. 
Bryan and I were lab partners, and there was a lot of flirting going on.
 Decked out.
 Still a favorite picture of the Stucky guys.
The "diamond ski trip." :) Just before heading up the mountain. I had no idea what was coming.  
Starting medical school in KC.
Our wedding day!
Chiefs tailgating! 
Teacher friends in KC. Last day of school and last day as a science teacher.
Our new house...
 Brand new Casey boy. 
Their dedication to outdoor adventure spans all seasons. 
Bryan was my date for the weddings of my three best Bethel girlfriends. This was Jacey's. 
Oh yes I did! I dressed up as a doctor for Halloween.  
Deer Day 2007. 
The Jeep was down, but not out. 
I should write about that sometime. 
 Will always be a fav of these two.
Skiing with friends!!
One of the few pictures we have of this guy's days on his cruiser. 
It's baby time! 
Look at that belly! 
Makenah Grace
March 4, 2010
Via Christi Bike Trip 2010
 Daddy and Daughter.
 So awesome.
 1 year.
 Colorado Summer 2011
Just look at these guys. 
15 mo.
Neighborhood pool.
 Moonlighting in Kiowa. 
We went at least one weekend a month to Kiowa, KS for a whole year while Bryan moonlighted at their hospital.
We have some pretty special memories there.
 October 2011
Going to be a big sister!
 Halloween 2011
Oh my goodness. 
Would you look at that!
(And, I notice I am in the same green dress as the picture before Makenah was born. Ha! I tell you that dress was roomy.
 Logan Kent
March 15, 2012
 Easter 2012
 3 months
(Photo by Vance Frick Photography)
 Such a helper!
 Happy boy.
 Billings family in CO.
August 2012
 September 2012
 Aaron and Maria's wedding!
Virginia, Dec. 2012
 He LOVES to be outside.
 Our big girl.
Pumpkins 2013
 Treats at the office.
 Christmas 2013
 The here and now. 
I hope some of those made you smile. 

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Maria Billings said...

The camo pic is my favorite! I appreciate the timeline of pictures! Great memories!