Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Exploring Maine: Part V

After a wonderful wedding experience, we crashed and slept well! When we got up on Monday, all the family and friends who were still in town came to the house for brunch and to watch Brad and Racquel open presents. It was a great time to enjoy each others company, and to see Brad and Racquel off as they prepared to leave for their honeymoon. 
That afternoon, we decided to explore Freeport, where we were staying. It is such a beautiful town, and so new and different to us. Freeport is home to L.L. Bean, so we made sure to definitely stop there! We cruised all the shopping on the main street and took Racquel's brother's suggestion of where we should go that night for a true fresh fish supper.

Opening gifts at the house.
Heading to explore.
Shopping inside.
They took a picture of themselves shopping, trying on glasses. Bryan told her to make a serious face. :)
In and out of shops.
 We headed to the town wharf for supper.
 We placed our order at the window and sat down to wait. Steve, Debbie, Granna, Grandad, the kids and I all got some combination of fish and chips, shrimp, and clam chowder. Bryan, Brandon and Blake order fresh lobster. 
Blake 'you-tubed' how to eat a lobster while they waited. Ha!
 Makenah was so interested.
 Love this!
They got after it, and Bryan shared his with us!
 She liked it!!!
 The crew. This was an awesome place to eat, and a perfect place for us to have some really fresh seafood. The atmosphere was fun and we had a great time.
 We found the Ben and Jerry's shop after this, and ate our ice cream under the canopy of the store, while it rained and rained. It was an awesome first day of exploring!

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