Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two favorites

It's interesting to see the rotation of favorite toys. 
While there are many popular toys in the toy box that get played with, every once and awhile one or two gain popularity.
These two particulars make me smile. 
Right now, anytime Makenah goes to her "corner of toys" she immediately locates these two items. 
Are they related? No.
Can you play with them together? You wouldn't think so.

It's the sphygmomanometer (aka blood pressure cuff) and the book "Is Your Mama a Llama?"

She'll dig these out and carry them around. She flips through the book and puts the cuff around her neck like she does with her pretend stethoscope. She also likes when you put it around her arm and even her foot. So entertaining. 
I took these last week, after she had dug out both of them.
(Not too many pictures being taken this week. Poor baby isn't in picture mood.)  
Hope everyone is having a good week!

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