Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Backyard water fun!

Yesterday we got together with lots of friends from church and went to a backyard water play time. It was SO much fun! They had baby pools, slip 'n slides, big blow up slides, and sprinklers all set up for the kids. Makenah seemed like such a big girl, walking around the yard, checking everything out, and splashing in the pools.
In the shade getting ready to go play with friends Will and Remi.
With Danni and Remi.
 Makenah liked to go in and out...
Our friend Remi! She is so cute!
This ball was popular. She would dip it in the water, and then stick it in her mouth and suck out water. Ug.
 They had some neat things set up to play on.
 She was all over, exploring and having fun.
 The ball again. :)
 I took Makenah down the slide and onto the slip 'n slide. Even I had fun doing that! Who doesn't like a slip 'n slide?!

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