Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stucky Bike Trip Part Two

I've got more pictures from the bike trip to Colorado. 
Here we go!

Just up the hill from Granna and Grandad's house we saw a deer in the yard while we were walking. 
She just watched us all stand and take her picture.
After a spaghetti supper...
 Beautiful views 
 Heading out on a walk...
 Wonderful Aunt Jenna came to spend time with us while we were there!
 Another Pikes Peak shot.
 The crew heading up the hill for an evening stroll.
 4 brothers. Love it.
 A fox! 
 Big smiles with Uncle Blake!
At the bottom of the mountain, we let the dogs run free in the open park area. They love to run back and forth between the guys.
 With Aunt Jenna.
 And with MeMe Debbie
 I like sky pictures. :)
Safe with Daddy
This guy knows how to have a good time!
Just a few more pictures to share from the trip.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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Jenna said...

looks like a great trip!