Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th

I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled programing to share some pictures from our 4th of July. 
(More Stucky Bike Trip pictures to come later.)

Our sweet friends Vance and Danni and their girl Remi invited us to their house for a BBQ and fireworks. We had such a good time enjoying good food, great conversation, and fun fireworks.

We started early, while it was still light out, so we didn't have to be up tooooo late. I think we timed it just right---late enough to enjoy the special night, but not too late to be overtired. Ha!

You'll also notice that most of the pictures are of people(Makenah--haha). I think fireworks are neat, but I don't necessarily look forward to them all year. I don't love the really loud ones. I also like the simple and boring ones, (Bryan calls them the girly ones) like smoke balls and fountains.

We did get to watch around the neighborhood and see lots of big ones. Makenah thought the fireworks were great! She wasn't afraid of the noise at all. Once she figured out that they flew up in sky, she would throw her head way back and look up. So funny. 

We saw a bunny in the yard. He came close several times. Do you see him?
I think these are cool. Call me lame. 
 Makenah and Bryan walked around a lot. She was very busy all evening.
 Watching the fireworks in the street. 
 Danni and Remi--both so sweet.
She just sat down there to munch and watch.
 The stash. 
Bryan said this was the girliest batch of fireworks he had ever bought. I am not surprised. I remember what he used to buy. He did a good job for us girls. 
We enjoyed watching the small, pretty stuff and then we watched others do the big things later . 
It was a great night!
Thanks for having us Vance and Danni!!

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