Thursday, July 7, 2011

Part Three--the last of 'em

These are the last few pictures I'll share from the Colorado trip. 
We took a few in the yard and on the porch before we left that Sunday. We still have our family picture with 3 month old Makenah on display from last year, so I hoped to get another one this year. Thanks, Brandon, for taking our picture!
Our wonderful hosts! Makenah really loves her Great Grandad and Great Granna. They are so special to us, and I love seeing her become attached to them. 
And also with her MeMe and Papa. How lucky we are to have them. They are so sweet with Makenah--they love on her and spoil her!
And, Uncle Brad! He knows how to make this girl smile. I love the sweet spot that Makenah has in his heart. They are so cute together. 
We had an awesome trip! You know we'll be back next year!!

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