Friday, September 30, 2011

Keeping a watch out

This is an event that I continue to try and catch on camera. 
Casey and Makenah keeping a watch out by the window. Inevitabley, when I sneak in the room behind them, one of them turns around and smiles(Makenah) and runs to me(both of them.) 
Here's how it goes...
Casey likes to mosey around near the front door or window in Makenah's room. He is a total watchdog, and will go nuts at the sight of anything outside. He will let out a big, howling bark if he sees something, anything moving outside. People walking by are especially exciting. 
For Makenah, this has turned into a personal call for her to come too! It's precious. Anytime she here's Casey bark, she drops everything she is doing and makes a beeline for her room to see what's going on. Sometimes she leaves everything she is playing with, and other times she scoops up something to take with her. If you are playing with her, reading to her, or sitting doing something with her, and Casey barks, she's done and outta there! It happens fast!
So, I've tried lately several times when this happens to grab my camera and go running too. Ha! Casey must think his job is extra important now, Makenah and Mama come running! 

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Debbie said...

I LOVE this picture!