Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fast week

The week after a long weekend always just flies by, doesn't it!
We had a wonderful time in Garden City with the Stucky/Wiens family for Labor Day! Bryan had Friday AND Monday off, so we really got to enjoy ourselves. I did not do a good job of getting out my camera while we were there. Take my word for it--good times, great family, awesome food, and lots of relaxing! A perfect long weekend. 
We are also packing the week with lots of Billings family time. Now that my parents are home from Hawaii, (2 months without them!!) we are making lots of time to see them, and my sister has been home for a week from CO. 
I've got the camera back on the counter. :-) It's just easier to grab it that way. Whenever I start cleaning up around here, I put it into its bag that sits in our bedroom. It's just not convenient in there. You can expect lots of cuteness to come your way. 
Here's where Makenah ended up last night. A sweetheart in a box. 
What does this box represent, you ask?
My new vacuum! 
Is it just me, or does getting a new vacuum make other people want to vacuum A LOT? 
That should be ok, because Casey provides plenty of hair to vacuum up.
Is tomorrow Friday again already?!

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