Thursday, September 29, 2011

A birthday!

Another Stucky brother celebrated his birthday!
Another chance for us to think about what a wonderful guy he is!
Brandon(BKS3) turned 21 on Tuesday, and we are so thankful for his brotherly love, his friendship and fun, and his awesome uncle skills! :) 
Brandon is an incredible guy! So fun, talented, thoughtful, respectful, funny, and outgoing. 
An all around stand-out guy! 

And, my favorite part, a look back through pictures of Brandon...

From years ago, Brandon biking in the mountains.
 Hard at work.
 With the guys camping.
On the right, stopping for the annual bike photo. 
 Here's Brandon with cousin Ashley. They are the same age, and have always been close. 
 At our wedding reception. Brandon, Brad, Debbie and Bryan. This is one good looking group!
 Here I am with Brandon after one of his jazz concerts. Brandon is a very accomplished musician. He plays the trumpet amazingly, and sings beautifully. 
 All the guys heading out to camp. Does his shirt say "Hot Stuff?" I think it does. 
 Mid hike, stopping to check the GPS!
 So you are probably guessing that Brandon is also an outdoorsman--he rides his bike, 4 wheels, dirt bikes, hunts, and camps. 
 Love this picture with Makenah. Brandon goes to Friends Univeristy, and since he is so close to us here, he got to come see Makenah soon after she was born! 
 On his sweet bike. :-) 
Uncles will do anything to make you laugh!
 Sweet moments!
 Happy Birthday, Brandon! Hope your birthday was awesome!!!

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