Friday, September 16, 2011

State Fair

We had been planning on going to the State Fair on Thursday night since last week. Wouldn't you know it was the chilliest day yet. I told Bryan that it feels like we went from 100 degrees to 60 degrees with no in between. (Which is not all that cold, but coming off summer always makes it seem that way). 
We bundled up and went, and were so glad that we did. We didn't get many pictures, but enjoyed walking around, sampling lots of classic treats, and seeing the animals.

All bundled and ready to explore. Stocking hats were needed. Brrr. 
 My personal favorite, funnel cakes. Makenah was enjoying her first sampling too. 
A super excited girl. We headed out after this, and she wanted to walk herself out of the fairgrounds. She beamed the whole way, and had to hold both of our hands. It was precious. 
I'm glad we didn't miss the fair this year! Where would I have found so many options of fried foods, or so many things they could smother in cheese?! 
We all had a great time, and we were tired when we got home!
Hope you have a great weekend!

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