Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Instagram Wednesday

I need some kind of catchy name for the weekly phone picture download. 
It's Wednesday, and here are some of the latest happenings. 

She's always squirming around while I strap in Logan.
 Good looking guys before church. 
 Ha! Opening Valentine's Day presents....guess I should have had them sit a little closer!
 Pink heart pancakes for breakfast.
Wax paper/iron heart creations. 
 Puzzle time.
 Bustin' a move. 
 The cutest wave...when they first learn, and it's a real small wave with the fingers, and it often points at themselves. 
 Noodles at the local Vietnamese restaurant. 
 Snack outside on a beautiful day.
 While we were out, this drove by our house! 
 I'm always trying to think of things that Makenah would enjoy doing. She likes to be busy, and she likes to make things. This turned out to be a great was cooking, but she also felt like she was making art. Dipping pretzels in chocolate and then different colored sprinkles.
 And another one...we did apple stamping, and then she decided she would like to just go ahead and paint the apple. Ha.
 Since Makenah was a baby I've been meaning to make her a bow holder. I finally got it done. I always liked the ones I saw that used picture frames with strips of cute ribbons running down. Then, you can just clip all the bows on there. She's got quite the collection...that frame is big!
 Cute kids!!!!!
 She wants to help me do EVERYTHING right now. She even insisted on putting the laundry in the washer, adding the soap and turning it on. She said, "Okay clothes, its time for you to get a bubble bath!" 
 Grandma and Grandpa's house. 
 She's into lotion right now. It was cute watching her lather up her legs and feet. And, you get a peek at the swimsuit cover-up making an appearance that day.
And, here are my three Valentine's Day pictures. I practically begged Makenah to sit by Logan and let me take their picture. She refused. Later, when they got in the same area of the room, I tried but Logan was heading away quick. 
Couldn't get them together, so took them separate. She wouldn't look at me though!

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