Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick trip to Colorado

We made a weekend trip to to Colorado a couple weekends ago. We stayed two nights in Woodland Park with Bryan's grandparents, and then one night in Denver. Granna and Grandad took such good care of us while we stayed at their house, and we also go to do some fun things together in Woodland Park. 
Saturday morning we went to a locally famous donut shop called the Donut Mill. The donuts were huge and very good, and we had fun hearing stories from a very experienced baker who worked there. 
 Having fun! Makenah really likes donuts, and it was a treat to get to see so many in the display case, and get to choose whichever one she wanted. 
 This sideways donut picture(oops) shows my donut that seems to go on forever. My eyes deceived me in the case, and I was thinking it was 2 separate ones. Ha! She pulled it out and my mouth dropped open.
After donuts, we headed to the Dinosaur Resource Center to look around. They had a lot of neat things to see and I think Makenah enjoyed seeing all the dinosaur bones. Logan did great as we made our way through. 

Opening wide.
 I didn't get my camera out for the rest of the trip, but the next day we all headed into Denver and went to Bryan's Uncle Steve and Aunt Cristal's house, had lunch with them and the cousins and did some shopping. That evening we stayed in Denver and had a sweet night together just our little family. 

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