Friday, February 1, 2013

From the phone on Friday

The only thing left from all the holiday decor around here was my basket of Christmas cards. They were being shuffled through often. 
 Makenah and I baked yesterday. Surprised?
 Story time at the library. With her duck hat on, getting instruments for her and Logan. 
Playing with the girls in the kitchen. My heart was oozing 'proud mama' listening to her talk to the girls, say sweet things, share and offer toys, and make believe with the toys.  
We look at the statue EVERY week. 
She always reminds me, "You can touch him mama. He's not really scary. Come stand right here and touch his finger." 
 We did playdough for a long time the other day. 
 Big boy in his new seat. What a pair back there. 
 She had a very elaborate beach set up in the tent the other day. 
 This is how much we like to use the smoker. He did it as it was snowing. 
 Ball popper is still a hit. 
 Hahaha! And, did I ooh and ahh about this outfit when she showed me? Yes I did. 
 Looking at Emma the pup through the magnifying glass. It was her first experience with one, and she was completely intrigued that it made Emma big!
 A boy and his dog. 
 I love two in the tub. Do I get super wet every night? Yes. Yes. 
 I wondered how long it would take for this to happen.
The first of many pretty outfits. 
 She asked if she could take a picture of her silly face. 
 We're really glad it's Friday!
Enjoy your weekend!

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