Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday stuff

The happenings, lately.

If you wear it backwards, it means business. 
 Proudly pushing the stroller. 
 Watching for Grandma. She went and got her shades. They were much needed.
 Miss Big Sis Helper insisted on wiping Logan's face instead of me. He'll let her do pretty much anything, and he just laughed the whole time. 
 Checking out the big boot. We had to make a trip to the local boot store to try and save my most favorite pair. Ugh. 
 Straight to it every time. 
 Zooming around the kitchen. He'll push anything he can find. Usually it's some random toy he's pushing like a car. 
 Special play time at the library. Complete with stations and interesting new toys. 
 Making music together.
 "Logan, let me wash your hair."
 If I wear a scarf, she insists on wearing one also. 
 Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. If you look closely, she has a chocolate mouth already. She tells me to pour some of the chips on the counter. "Mama, I need to try some of those." 
 Oh the front and back door. Logan loves to open and close those doors. If we have them propped open, he'll sit and push it back and forth, never quite shutting it all the way, so that he can then fling it back open. It makes me nervous for his little fingers. They usually stay closed. 
We were in Woodland Park and Denver this past weekend. (More on that to come!) Here we are at the Dinosaur Resource Center in WP. 
 Such a good traveler.
 Lunch out with cousins in Denver.
 Mall time in Denver.
 Getting close to Kansas on the drive home. Happy meal box as a hat. 

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