Monday, February 25, 2013

In the snow

We didn't get any of the 2nd winter storm here in Garden City. It moved across much of the state, but didn't really get going until east of us. We did make it outside after the snow last week, and I tried to grab a few pictures to commemorate Logan's first experience. 

He loved it, of course. 
He crawled all over. I could not get his gloves to stay on (not really made for the snow, and not really made for sneaky little balls of baby hands.) 
 Throwing snow on Casey?
 Of course, he went for the bush. he kept trying to crawl in it. 
And there's Makenah's coat...not on her body...
 Making a mini snowman. 

 He had to make due with plastic bags over his tennis shoes. I could never find snow boots that small...Not that it would be a good investment anyway...his feet are growing so fast!
 There were tears from both parties when their time ended. I had to take Logan in after awhile because his hands were freezing, and he wouldn't keep those gloves on. Overall, a good first experience. 

Makenah really REALLY did not want to come in. Major tears. 
"I just want to play in the snow! I just want to play in the snow!" 
We'll be out as soon as more snow comes, I'm sure. 

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