Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

This past weekend was an all around busy and important one for us. After the reception in Hesston, we headed back to Garden City so that we would be able to celebrate Easter here at home. We started out the morning at a wonderful church service. In addition to celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, we dedicated Logan to the Lord during the service as well. We packed a pew full of family, and all celebrated together! 

After church, we indulged in a big Easter brunch buffet at one of our favorite local restaurants. It was quite impressive, and our large group filled two big tables.

Getting ready to leave for church.
After lunch, Bryan and I took the kids to his grandparents house to hunt for Easter eggs. Granna and Grandad have a beautiful backyard, and it was the perfect area to hide eggs. Add the warm sunshine, and Easter excitement, and it turned out perfect. 

While eggs were being hidden in the back, the kids opened Easter gifts from Mimi and Papa. 
The Easter baskets were waiting for them outside.
 Don't worry, Logan, big sis will take care of your basket!
 We often say, "Looooogan..." in a sweet but questioning voice if he's being sneaky or doing something he probably shouldn't, and he turns around gives us a big grin!
After a little rest in the afternoon, my parents hosted all of us together at their house for supper and cake. The whole crew was together and it was wonderful. Aaron and Maria had made it to town, my sister Jenna was here, Bryan's parents and grandparents too! We even got a small concert from Aaron and Maria again. Jenna sang too, and Makenah played percussion. It was a sweet night. My heart was full. 
Hope your Easter was wonderful!

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Jenna said...

what a fun and special weekend you had!!