Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lots of stuff

Lots of pictures from the phone to help remember all the things we've been doing lately. 

She draws lots of smiley faces, 
 Trying out his slide for the first time. 
 Does it get cuter than the smash cake?
 Sensory tub with Daddy. 
 Ice cream bars at Grandma and Grandpas.
 Reading stories.
 You can send lots of toys down the slide. 
 If Logan gets a ride...
 She needs one too!
 At the local flower shop/gift shop. This girl has excellent balance. 
 This is the "hat" she wore all morning long. 
 Making Easter egg nests. 
We met Aaron, Maria, and my Dad in Newton at the Breadbasket for supper the night before the reception in Hesston. (Mom and Jenna were still on the road!) Oh, we love the German buffet there! We spent a few minutes at the Railroad Park before supper. 
 Setting up for the reception. She was "hiding" in the linen tablecloths. 
 Helping with the flowers.
 Having Aaron and Maria in GC with us for the following week was SO wonderful. This night they gave us a mini concert. 
 Logan often walks around holding his hands behind his back like this. 
 Getting everything left from the pot after making No Bake Cookies. 
 Game night at our house. We got the kids to bed and then my family all played Wits and Wagers. It was so fun. We always laugh a lot when the Billings family plays games. 
 Logan got his first haircut!! I have more pictures of this to come! His bangs were growing down over his eyes, and his ears and neck were getting pretty shaggy! He did so good!!! 
 Dyeing Easter eggs with Maria and Aaron. 
 Celebrating Aaron's 26th birthday at our favorite local mexican restaurant! 
 And, we just got back from a weekend in Wichita. We visited friends and family, did some shopping, and went to our old church. We had a great weekend!
 Such a sweet time with our dear friends, and meeting their new baby!!! "Can I tickle his tummy?!" 
 Trying on boots at Sheplers. Ha!
 A patient papa, walking with the boy who should be in the stroller. 
 Advice from brothers. (And Makenah trying on many pairs of boots!)

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