Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sesame Street Live!!!!

"Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?"
In our case, it was 45 minutes east on Highway 50!

Sesame Street Live came to United Wireless Arena in Dodge City this week Tuesday and Wednesday. Since we're Sesame Street fans around here, we snatched up some tickets and had been looking forward to the Tuesday night show. (Sidenote: My family went to Sesame Street Live often when I was a little girl...yes, I thought it was sweet that we were now taking our kids...)
We waited until the event date got close to tell Makenah we were going, so not to confuse her with when it was finally going to happen. It was so cute when we told her what we were doing. She talked non-stop, literally, for almost an hour about Elmo, puppets, costumes, Sesame Street, etc. She had Bryan and I laughing, and also in amazement of the continuous chatter. 
We had a busy day on Tuesday and so when it was time to go we took off for Dodge City ready to see the show. Makenah is not one for large costumed characters near her (Santa, Easter Bunny, Halloween...) but we figured her familiarity with the characters would ease any nerves. We wondered how squirmy Logan would be. We knew he would have a good time, but were kind of planning that we would need to be up and about with him. 
We arrived at the show in good time, and thought the new arena was so nice. We found our seats and waited for the show. 
We could tell Makenah Grace was excited! She was very quiet though, taking it all in.
She sat on Bryan's lap the whole time. It was nice to snuggle close to Daddy, and it also gave her a little bit of a height boost. We has great floor seats. 9th row! 
 The show was fantastic!!! The kids loved it, and were into it the whole time. Even Logan was grooving to the music and sat nicely with me the whole time. 
At intermission. 
Loving the show.
 Oh the large souvenirs. 
 A little something to take home. 
 The experience was even better than we thought it would be! I loved watching the kids' big eyes, smiling and watching the show, and listening to the music. Everything went smoothly, and it was such a sweet family night for us. I'm sure we'll be watching for the show to come to Kansas again next year. 

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