Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Logan's 1st Haircut

Our sweet boy was getting a little shaggy up top. 
We haven't thought much about haircuts before, since Makenah's hair has just been growing in long and wavy. I hardly want to cut those locks! 
But, Logan's hair was starting to get in his eyes and cover his ears and it was a little too long on the neck. I wasn't sure how much we would get trimmed off, but anything would be a good start. 
I've not been a home haircut kind of gal, nor do I trust myself chopping on own my squirmy 1 yr. old! We called in a professional, and couldn't have asked for a better time. 
Danna is so sweet, cuts Bryan's hair, as well as much of his family. She was prepared, quick and steady, and great with both kids. 
We took Bryan's mom with us, to enjoy the experience, help with the kids, and take a few pictures. 
We got some on my phone and the camera. 

Right before heading inside. 
We sat Logan on my lap, and Danna pulled out this great big sucker that he was totally loving. I was all for anything that would buy us a little sittin' still. 
The only downside (although not enough downside to not do it again next time!!) was that his face was coated in sucker slobber, and the hair falling from his head stuck nicely too it. Ha! 
 All around good expereince. I'll defintely be taking him back when he needs another trim! 
We'll have to get an 'after-shot' up here soon!
Yay for 1st haircuts! 

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