Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big girl at the dentist

Today was Makenah's first trip to the dentist. 
She was excited, and ready to go show them her "shiny teeth!"
We knew to expect a fun appointment, and that's what we had. I was so proud of her for being polite, sweet and cooperative. 
I tried not to be too intrusive, and just snapped a few with my phone. 

Checking out the little mirror. 
 Learning about the bright light, and shining it on lots of different body parts.
 The hygienist was so sweet! Makenah soaked it all up and grinned the whole time. 
This guy was there too...totally mesmerized by what was going on and such a good boy. 
Big girl! The dentist came in and checked her out. All the prep with the tools was right on the money...she wasn't nervous to let him do his thing. I snapped three pictures while he was working, and the combination of his light, and their movement made the pictures blurry. 
 She got loaded up with prizes. This was perfect to introduce the dentist's office. They did an awesome job! 
Three big stickers on the shirt, goodie bag with toothbrush, chapstick, and glowstick picked from the treasure chest. 
Love this big girl. 

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