Thursday, May 16, 2013

Warm weather iPhone

Logan loves to go into Makenah's room and sit on her chair and read. 
 Story time at the zoo. This is on Mondays, and we always have a great time. Logan, front and center. 
 Now that it's nice, its fun to walk around the zoo for awhile afterwards. This day, we walked with some friends. These three boys will be in Makenah's preschool class this fall. So cute.
 Hanging out. 
 I think he even surprised himself when he got up there. 
 Lunch time when Daddy comes home has to be one of the best parts of the day. Having Bryan home for lunch most days is so awesome. 
 This was right after we planted seeds...she said she was watching them grow. 
 Makenah wanted Logan to have dinosaur hair. 
This was the picture of the dentist that Makenah drew before we left for her appointment. And, funny enough, he is a really tall guy! 
 Story time at the library. The EMTs brought their ambulance for us to see after their presentation. 
 He loves the children's room at the library. Every picture I take of him there is always blury. He doesn't stand still for a second while we are there. 
 Watching Bryan's brother Brandon graduate from Friends University at Intrust Bank Arena. Shame on me for not getting his picture! 
Let me brag on Brandon. 
Not only was Brandon at the top of his class, garnering recognition for his academic accomplishments, he is a fantastic guy! A gentelmen, sweet, funny, respectful, and kind. We just love him! He's headed to KU School of Medicine this summer! 
At Uncle Jeff and Aunt Pam's in Wichita last weekend. Mother's Day.
I could write pages about the wonderful women in my life. My mother, mother-in-law, and Granna are all such strong, beautiful women. They love us well, support us, are patient, kind and loving. I have awesome role models as a mom myself. I am so thankful for them. 
Loves the scooter.
After a full weekend in Wichita, the kids were worn out. 
Loving the warm weather. We spent awhile playing when we got home. 
Watering her seeds. They have sprouted!!
Simultaneous snacking and dirt playing. 
He's big.
We had fun making some special Mother's Day gifts this year. Makenah decorated some pot holders and we also stamped tea towels with both kids' handprints. 
Being creative outside. We definitely need a sandbox. 
In a fort at Mimi and Papa's. Wrestling. 
The princess who was here this morning. She had me tape some paper on for a crown. She put a hand towel around her waist for a skirt, added the wings and her pink shoes. Then decided to use some of Bryan's socks as her fancy gloves. She called me 'prince' all morning. 
Trying out her new binoculars. 
And, just this afternoon, an elaborate rock and pinecone cleaning/examination station. 

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