Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flowers with my girl

It was a bright and sunny day here. 
Makenah and I had been out to the store a couple of days ago to get some supplies for a little project, and we made it out this afternoon to have some fun together. 
While we have some other flower pots we'll fill and add to the front of the house, I wanted Makenah to experience planting and taking care of some plants of her own. We got a little pot for her to plant some seeds in, and also a small planter for some that we picked out from a flat. 
The whole experience was precious. 
She was so excited.
It was pure joy.
She picked out two varieties of seeds. 
 After those, we moved on to the planter. 
The flowers were her choice too. She was very specific in wanting orange ones and pink ones.
 Watering them was a highlight. 
 We put them up in the sun on the porch. She said, "Momma, lets sit here and watch the flowers come." It was classic, and so cute. 
We decided to go get a snack and sit and enjoy this sunshine.
She is so excited to get to water them and watch them grow. 

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