Saturday, May 4, 2013


The comings and goings...

Tops off Jeep riding.
The train. She played in this quite awhile. 
 Sunny and warm.
 Everything is big at Sams. 
 And then we woke up to this. 
 Happiness in the tent. Together. 
 Someone is always climbing on something around here. This was her horse and she was the cowgirl. (There was disappointment that I didn't have a cowboy hat for her to wear. Quickly subsided when she decided to have a "glasso" instead using Bryan's belt. Don't worry, no Logans we harmed in the making of this cowgirl.) 
 New shoes downtown. 
 Just reading my book, Mama. 
 The boy and his Great Grandad. 
 It's fun to get silly at Mimi and Papa's.
 Playing with Uncle Jeff.
 Logan and Papa.
 She always, always plays with the flowers at our favorite mexican place. 
 Lunch at the playplace!
 Harmony. Playing together sweetly. Yes, that's my strainer in the back there. I wasn't lying when I said my cabinets were always being invaded. 
Hooray for the weekend!

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