Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zoo morning

We spent some time at the zoo this morning. It was not too hot yet, and a perfect morning for seeing some of our favorite animals. Makenah's favorite=flamingo.
I've confessed my love for our little zoo many times before, so I'll spare you. 
In summary: Small, clean, not busy, easy to walk through, free
 Doing "the flamingo" by the elephants. 
 I think you have to shake the ropes. It's required. 
 I love how at each exhibit Makenah would say, "look Mama! It's a mama and a daddy and a baby _______." 
 Doing "the flamingo," this time by the flamingos. 
 Time to run around!

 Time to eat dirt. 
 And put dirt on the bench. 
 Stopped to figure out his next move.
 Then he's off again. 
 Yay zoo!!

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