Sunday, September 29, 2013

Frisco: Sept. 2013: Part I

Bet you'd never guess where we were for an extra long weekend recently?
Yes, soaking in the beauty of the Rockies! 
We headed out Friday night, drove to my sister's house in CO Springs and spent a fun night with her. The next day, we got up and dined at a neat breakfast spot and hit up the outlet mall in Castlerock for a frantic but fun sweep through our favorite stores. 

We parted ways from Jenna there and headed toward our destination, Frisco. We are big fans of the Frisco/Dillon/Breckenridge area, and decided to rent a small condo and spend some time exploring in the mountains and looking for adventures in the Jeep. We love the Wrangler, and we love to take it up mountains! 

Coasting in the mountains makes for some efficient driving. 
(Can you see that mpg?!?!)
 Heading into the Eisenhower Tunnel, to cross the Continental Divide in the Rockies.
 Heading up to our condo.
The first night we settled in the condo, relaxed and ate at one of our favorite restaurants in town. 

We had two days of Jeepin' planned...the first day we headed out conquer Mosquito Pass. It was cool, rainy and a bit dark.
 Did you know you have to air down your tires a little bit for optimum Jeep driving in the mountains?
We stopped to check out a mine along the way.
Future Jeeper. 
He wanted to walk around, but it was so rocky, he kept falling down...
Put me down, Mama!!!!

 More scenic stops. 
 Perfect timing...just as we go to the top of the pass, there was a break in the clouds with a little sunshine.
At the top of the pass.
We headed down the pass and into a cute little town named Leadville for lunch. The kids do SO good driving in the Jeep, but we were all ready for a break from our seats and the bumpy ride. As I was taking Makenah inside the gas station to use the restroom, I told Bryan he should find us (look up online really quick) a good place for lunch, and also a park or place to run around after that. We came out of the bathroom, and he said, "Done! Got both!" 
We headed to the best little pizza joint, a jewel in the mountains I'm sure. It was so small inside...but that's not where the good seating was anyway. Out back they had a picnic area, wide open grass, frisbee golf, and a little play area for the kids. It was just what we needed!! We would have loved it anyway, but to top it off, the pizza was wonderful. 

 I was really anticipating seeing the aspen was just the start, but there were lots of beautiful areas where the trees were well on their way.. 
After we had lunch and finished coming down the mountain, Bryan had one more area mapped out for us to explore: McAllister Gulch. 
(Sidenote about maps...Even though we are now most always dependent on GPS for navigating, I have come to appreciate the love Bryan has for the topographic maps of the mountains and trails. Bryan is the cutest when he gets all wrapped up in reading his map. He's taught me a lot about navigating with them, and I'm even able to help him out sometimes!! You can imagine that there isn't GPS cell phone signal in the backwoods, so a map is your best bet anyway! Sometimes I picture him and Logan reading their maps and looking at their trail books someday...I can get myself all teary eyed just thinking about it!) 

As we started up the trail is began to sprinkle, then come harder and harder, until it was pouring as we neared the top. I'm laughing that I have so many fewer pictures from this part of the day. It was intense. We ended up pushing the Jeep as far as it could go and it just got too muddy and slippery. Bryan was in the zone, and loving every minute of taking his Jeep to the limit. He always puts safety first, but I love to see him caught up in challenges that he enjoys so much. I love watching him. 
We headed back down the mountain and to an awesome mexican restaurant in Frisco for supper. At the condo we sat by the fire, gave the kids baths, snacked, and relaxed! And then rested up for another adventure!

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