Thursday, September 12, 2013


Life captured with the phone.

She went down the slide on the blow up bouncy thing at AWANA kickoff at church over and over. 
She started Cubbies on Wednesday night. Precious. 
Bed head. 
 What a morning.
We spent quite awhile decorating our rocket ship.
 Watching together.
 First Sonic drink of his own. It was water, but the fun part is the cup, you know. 
 Cute guy working in the garage. He built a bookshelf, and its totally awesome. It's supposed to be for his office at work, but I am not so subtly dropping hints that I wish we could put it in the house. I'll get a picture of the finished product!
She pulled puppy the whole way to school the other morning. While it was an extra slow walk, the cuteness factor totally outweighed anything else. 
 And then, she asked to have her picture taken in front of school. (Which she has asked every morning. I think because I did it on the first day, she thinks its part of everyday.)
 While Makenah was at school, someone hit the road on her bike. 
 The happiest person in Home Depot.
 One of his things right now is taking this stool all over the house and turning the lights on and off. 
 She also asked if I wanted to take her picture sitting by the fireplace. Of course, I said yes. (I think this is the result of me always snapping her picture.)
 Shaking the shakers during storytime at the library.
 Well, the storytime theme this week was apples. When we got home, she insisted that we eat an apple, so we could get the seeds and plant them and grow a tree. After getting dirt outside, planting, and watering I asked her if she wanted to set it in the sunshine to help it grow. 
"No mama, I think I would rather hold it here so I can watch the apples grow."

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