Thursday, September 5, 2013

Makenah's First Day of Preschool

 Makenah started preschool on Tuesday, and I still can't believe it. We were certain she would love it, and are so excited for all the learning and fun that will happen this year. Our church, Bible Christian Church has a preschool, and we are thankful to have a loving, Christ-filled environment to send her to. 
She goes Tuesday and Thursday mornings to the cutest little classroom with the cutest little kids. 
As soon as she woke up Tuesday morning she remembered it was school time. We made pancakes, got dressed, and took lots of pictures. 

Inside, getting her backpack and being silly.
In front of the house.
 She's saying, "What did you write on my chalkboard?!"
She was a good sport while the 'crazy mom' in me took all the necessary pictures. 
 Not to be left out!
 Hug time.
 Looking for flowers and treasures, even as we are heading out.
Standing on our driveway, looking straight down the street. There's preschool!
 Walking to school. (It was hard to get a picture of her walking...every time I'd slow down to let her get a little bit ahead, sweet thing would run back to me, "Come on Mama!")
Beng so close to preschool (and church) is totally awesome. 
 At school, waiting for her teacher to come and get the kids.
 When her teacher comes out, the kids go in and wait for the others in the entry-way, and read books until its time to go to their room. Her teacher wanted to practice the routine right off the start...and having the experience of some kids being sad to be left, she seemed to know what she was doing!
 Makenah hugged me, smiled, "see later and I love you too" and she was off. 
 Ready to join her friends. 
Then I walked home with my boy. Wiped my tears on the way, and remembered how much fun she's going to have, how much she'll learn, and how excited I am for her.
We were waiting for her when she was done, and she ran out with a huge smile on her face, shouting, "Mama!" It's a good feeling to be ran to like that!
Since we didn't go in the classroom before class, we went in after so she could show me where she sits, what's around the room, and get a couple pictures. Here she is with her teacher, Mrs. Randall. 
We walked home with a skip in our step. The best part...she talked the whole way home about her morning. I think that walking home together will be a great way for her to tell all about her day! I love that!
And so, our baby is spreading her wings a little bit. We were so proud of her. 
It's going to be a great year!

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