Monday, September 30, 2013

Frisco: Sept. 2013: Part II

Day two of jeepin'!
This seems to be entirely too many pictures...whoops!
Just roll with me!

We woke up to snow on the ground! As we headed towards our trails for the day, the snow got deeper and deeper. This was a new experience, and made for some rough terrain! Bryan was up for the challenge. 
I thought the scenery was gorgeous, and took tons of snowy tree pictures. Ha!
Clearing a tree in the road. It was weighted down with snow. 
Stopped for hot chocolate!
 Bryan brought his tiny camp stove, and heated a pitcher of water for hot chocolate. So sweet and special...Makenah especially loved it!
He did it out in the snow. We had originally planned to be able to get out and sit around while he made our drinks and explore a little, but 4 inches of snow wasn't what I wanted the kids running in. 
We went as far as we could on the trail and headed back into town for lunch. We had to adjust the afternoon plans, as the snow wasn't providing the best conditions.
After lunch at another favorite place, the Boatyard, we walked on main street Frisco. 
This is what happens when you try and hold Logan for a picture. Happy mom, frustrated toddler, and sweet sister rubbing his leg and singing. 
 She insisted on walking with her hands in her pockets. Bryan was worried she was going to fall and not be able to catch herself with her hands, so he walked with a hold on her. Made me laugh.
After resting/napping at the condo for a couple hours in the afternoon we headed to the marina at Dillon Lake to play and then we drove up to the top of Loveland Pass. It was beautiful. 
Love this. 
 View from the Dillon Lake.
 And we found a park!!
Is this how leaving the park looks for everyone?
 Crossing the reservoir on the dam.
Heading up Loveland Pass. This drive was awesome. It was highway, as opposed to mountain terrain, so it wasn't as intense. 
We headed back to Garden City on Tuesday. We filled ourselves up with mountain time until the next trip, and wouldn't you know, we weren't even an hour from Frisco before Bryan started planning the next trip. 

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Tanya said...

Fun! I would love that! Thanks for sharing beautiful pics! Miss you guys!