Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says fall like going to a pumpkin patch!
We were excited to be able to take Makenah to the patch this year on a beautiful afternoon. We went to Cox Farms here in Wichita, and had a great time checking everything out.
We decided to take the hayrack ride to the patch and pick our pumpkin there.
The patch was a very pretty area where you got to choose from lots of pumpkins. We didn't have to tromp through a field...they had done that part for us! I didn't know there were pumpkin patches like that! 
We picked out two pumpkins. One for Bryan and I, and one Makenah sized pumpkin! :) It was so much fun going as a family to the pumpkin patch. I love having new experiences with Makenah, and it is so cute to see her do new things! 

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