Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celebrating Bryan

Before we celebrated Christmas with our families, we had some celebrations for Bryan's birthday. His birthday was December 23, and we went out to eat with the Billings family here in Wichita, and then had dinner with the Stucky-Wiens family in Garden City.

Here in town, we ate at Texas Roadhouse, one of Bryan's favorites, and then came back for cake and presents.
The little helper...
My sister made Bryan lots of different kinds of biscotti, which he LOVES! She even brought the rest of all the batches in bags that we froze so he can enjoy them for months to come. One of Bryan's favorite things is a cup of coffee or espresso with biscotti.

In Garden City, we enjoyed a delicious meal at Granna and Grandad's house.
A deer book...(ok, really I think it is about what all to do with the deer once you get it...eww. I try not to think about that.) 
Dirt bike of the whole ensemble will be shown soon. :)
Makenah and the boys
It was so fun to celebrate Bryan. He is a sweet husband, daddy, son, brother, grandson, son-in-law, and brother-in-law!

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