Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas: Garden City

We headed out to Garden City to continue the Christmas festivities!
We spent a couple of days there celebrating.
When we got there, we had dinner at Granna and Grandads and celebrated Bryan's birthday.

That evening the guys (Bryan, his brothers, and his dad) were allowed to open a couple of gifts early... these were important presents. :) The next days activities were going to be a perfect opportunity to test these gifts. So, they needed to be opened!

Secretive bags inside of big boxes...
Chest protectors for dirt biking and four-wheeling!
What a good looking group!
And, new boots!
So, here is the long awaited sneak peek at the full ensemble!
Makenah and I got Bryan new gloves, jersey, and pants.
He got new boots and the chest protector to finish out the look.
That is one tough looking biker doctor!
Of course, the next day all the gear was put to good use out at the river. 
There was a lot of jumping, speeding, and popping wheelies. 
It was documented well with pictures.

Makenah was getting more and more interested in the pile of presents that surrounded the tree. Bryan caught her the next morning checking them all out. She was mostly removing bows and crawling through them. 
We opened presents on the 23rd in Garden City, and enjoyed the evening together so much. We were so thankful to receive so many nice gifts! And, Makenah got many special things too!

What a lovely tree!
(So, from a photography standpoint, I am sure this picture is totally wacky, but, I think it makes the tree and the mood seem radiant!)
Makenah got a dolly from MeMe and Papa. 
This is her grabbing it and pulling it in for a "love." 
I really need to catch her doing this on video. 
She'll make sweet coos, close her eyes and the pull it to her forehead. It is adorable. 
She does it with the dolly, her puppy, and her glow-worm. (And our faces sometimes. :)
Lots more pictures to come!
More from Garden City and more from Christmas in Hesston!

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