Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In the kitchen...

I just finished some baking.
The background:
This year, I am the chair of Bryan's residency's 'social group.' The Via Christi Family Medicine Social Group meets throughout the year to plan parties, get-togethers, service projects, and other out reach activities for residents and their families. There are a lot of things to coordinate throughout the year, but I have enjoyed it. 
(Sometimes when I think about being in charge of a group that plans parties, I think of the "party planning committee" from one of my favorite shows, The Office! Luckily, our group is much more welcoming and fun! Ha! :)

So, one small thing that social group does every year to welcome new hopeful residents to the program is bake cookies that go in a care package to the applicants. This weekend is Call Back Weekend at Via Christi, where applicants that are being considered for the program get to come back and meet everyone one more time for a fun weekend before VC Family Medicine decides who they would like as part of their program. 
All that to say, I've done a little baking. I didn't take pictures of the mixing, cutting, or baking. I got all that done so that 3 friends from the residency could come over and help decorate them. I should have taken pictures while we did that. It was a good time. 
But, the finished product was so colorful, I had to take pictures. I bagged and tagged them tonight after Makenah went to bed.
It's tradition to make sunflowers...
Getting them all bagged up.
With social group tags, and ready to go.
There are some fun activities planned for this weekend. I'm looking forward to it! 

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Jenna said...

Danielle, these are BEAUTIFUL cookies! You really outdid yourselves! I can't wait to hear more about the party planning!