Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas: Garden City: Part Two

There was a lot of hanging out and having fun while in Garden City.
Here are some more shots of things we were up to.

Some of the guys got tools for Christmas.
Blake got his out to work on one time, and Makenah jumped right in.
The guys were in charge of the steaks on Christmas Eve.
(By the way, it didn't take all of them to do it, don't worry! Haha! A couple of them were steak guys and there was a lot of hanging out and talking going on.)
 Inside, Debbie and Granna worked their cooking magic!
Warning: Lots of Makenah by the tree pictures. :)
The Santa Sack!
Bryan was born on December 23, and came home from the hospital on Christmas Day!
This is the santa sack that made it's first appearance 28 years ago!
It's been at every Christmas since.
I love this series of Bryan and Blake on the Wii.
They were in a dance challenge.
Lots of good moves going on. 
 Makenah wore her Christmas pajamas to bed on Christmas Eve.
She was tired!!
We got up super early and headed to Hesston to spend the next two days celebrating some more!!

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