Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas: Hesston

We left Garden City early Christmas morning and headed to Hesston. We made really good time! We had a delicious lunch, opened what was in our stockings, and then spent the afternoon opening presents, playing games, and snacking on treats. We had supper together, got another game going, and enjoyed the evening time together before we headed home to Wichita. We went back on Sunday also to spend the day with everyone.

Opening presents in Makenah's stocking.
Aunt Jenna and Grandma Billings helping Makenah open presents.
A piano! There is lots of sweet music being made in our house. :)
Uncle Aaron and his girl Olivia!
Did you think Casey would be anywhere except in the middle of it all?!

The beautiful tree. 
My favorite thing about the Billings Christmas tree is that it is decorated with ornaments that Aaron, Jenna and I made or received when we were little. We decorated it that way when we were growing up, and I love that mom still does that now. When we were younger and all there to decorate it, we were each in charge of placing "our" ornaments. As we pulled them out, we would laugh and remember each one. There are some funny things up there! (I bet you can see them!) I remember the first time Bryan was there to help decorate the tree, we had to tell him about each one, and laugh at the craftsmanship of our youth. 
Mom still puts these up. I love that. 
(And, oh, the sweet angel on top. I think she is as old as I am. Each year someone got to place (or be hoisted up to place) the angel. We took turns for awhile, and then for some reason I remember Aaron insisting that it was his year ...(every year!) 

Grandpa Billings. 
He got a GPS for Christmas.
It just goes to show that everyone can benefit from a GPS.
Who wouldn't want to hear a nice lady tell you that your turn is coming up. 
Even a country-born Kansas man, who travels all over the state with work, who knows the "back way" to get everywhere may enjoy one. :)
We had such a great time with the family, and we all got such nice things! And, of course, Makenah received a lot of special gifts!
Makenah's first Christmas was one to remember!

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