Thursday, February 24, 2011

11 months

This seems a little backwards, since I just wrote about how we are getting ready to celebrate birthday #1 around here! Makenah will be one next week, but I realized I never posted about being 11 months old. I have some cute pictures to go with it, so I'm going to do it anyway. Be warned, there is a lot of Makenah coming up, but, that is to be expected. 

On February 4th, Makenah turned 11 months old!
The excitement just continues around here, as Makenah is into everything! She pulls up everywhere, cruises around the coffee table and furniture, and crawls as fast as she can to where she wants to go.
She loves to play with her toys. She likes to stand up next to her toy box and empty it out. And equally as exciting are the cabinets in the kitchen and her bedroom. She will empty them and check out what is in them over and over.
She's got a lot to say these days. Mama and Dada are the most recognizable words, but she sure babbles, squeals, hollers and oohs/ahhs a lot. She is also catching on to imitating, so she is learning lots of new things. She will also make sounds back at us, wave, clap and do patty-cake, shake her head "no", and tell you "how big" she is.
She sleeps like a champ at night and during nap time. She has always required a lot of sleep, and we are really proud of the great sleeper she has grown into.
Makenah has seven teeth, and number eight is on its way in. You can see a few of them here. A wide, toothy grin, with a cute gap in the middle. Love it. 
Here is one of her shadows. It took awhile, but Makenah and Casey are definitely aware of what the other is doing these days. Makenah will occasionally take one of Casey's toys, but he mostly leaves hers alone. I think he sometimes wonders why she can touch his stuff, but when he goes for hers, he gets redirected immediately. He's a good boy.
Another sign of the big girl she is, is her ability to feed herself, and eat most all table foods that can be made into safe, kid size bites. She is a good eater, but definitely has her favorites. She drinks from her sippy cup like a pro. 
It's been a full month, with so many new and exciting things going on. It seems like at this age, they are learning something new everyday! I'm sure she is!
Right next to us the whole time...
Happy 11 months, Makenah. You are getting "sooo big!"
We love you!

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