Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So far...

It's been pretty quiet around here picture wise, but we've been up to a lot.

This past weekend we had Bryan's family here. It was especially great to have all the brothers together, even if they were doing dangerous, brother type stuff. 
I mean, come on. This does not look safe at all. 
This is my husband, flying through the air on his dirt bike. It makes me nervous that I can't even see the ground. (How cool does that look though? :) 
There are lots more pictures of the guys. I hope to get some of those posted to show.

We also enjoyed a great church service and Sunday dinner out with family, bible study with our dear small group, and mom's group (Mom's Carelink at First MB) for Makenah and I. We are looking forward to having friends over tomorrow, and some family time on Thursday and Friday.

Here's a picture of Makenah this past weekend. (I was going to say that this is something I think that she looks so cute doing...but then I laughed because I really think everything she does is cute! Ha!) It's a little dark, but I like it anyway.

So here it is...I think it is so cute when she stands and looks out the back door. She usually does this when Casey goes outside, kind of to say, "hey, where is he going?" 

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