Friday, February 11, 2011

Frosting:: Inside and Out

Wasn't the last snow we got so pretty? It was so clean, white, light, and fluffy looking. It reminded me of white frosting on everything. The accompanying winds blew some nice drifts by our garage and front porch. It was a good thing the snow was light, cause it took lots of shoveling to clear these places off!  
I'm still anxious to get Makenah outside to play in the snow a little! It has been SO cold out--maybe we can catch some of this snow before it melts on one of these nicer days coming up. 
And, here is the inside frosting. I was looking for another occasion to make sugar cookies! Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect time, and I got to have fun decorating, too. Makenah helped me make them yesterday morning (helped=emptied the tupperware cabinet, banged measuring cups, played with the mixing spoons :)
Have a great weekend!

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Jenna said...

These are SO cute! I want to eat one! :) Good work. They look good enough to sell!