Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snuggling in

We're staying warm today. I still found myself anxious to see if today was going to be a snow day for the kids and teachers! :) 

We are watching the swirling wind and snow from the windows. Makenah thinks the cold glass on the back door is so funny. (Who would think?) We stand and look out, and every time we touch the glass, she giggles. "Brr, that's so cold!!" I say, and she laughs! 

Sweet Makenah woke up with a runny nose and slight fever this morning. Another reason to take it easy and stay cozy inside. Hope she feels better soon. 

Bryan was on call last night. He made it home safe this morning, and gets to spend the day with us at home. After a long night of taking care of patients in the hospital, a day snuggled in at home sounds great to all of us. 

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