Monday, March 21, 2011

Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs.

My college roommate got married on Saturday! Kira and I spent A LOT of time together during college. Not only were we roommates our sophomore, junior and senior years, but we played volleyball together all four years as well. So, she was stuck with me on the volleyball court, and she couldn't escape me the rest of the day either. :) We had so many great times together, and she is so much fun! A great sense of humor, and an easy going spirit. I have such fond memories of those days, and I am so thankful we continue to be friends! 

Kira and Brody make such a great pair, and we are so excited for them. The wedding was beautiful and the day was so much fun. Bethel suitemate Danae and I got the fun job of being personal attendants/coordinators. We enjoyed seeing all the action, and helping the day run smoothly. I think Danae would agree, that for 2 girls who like to organize and plan, it was an awesome job to have! 

The colors for the wedding were purple and orange, for Kansas State and Oklahoma State. Kira is a big KSU fan and Brody is a huge OSU fan. It was a beautiful combination of colors for March. 
Look at those boots! 
Kira's a country girl! (Did you know she drives a combine for every harvest back home?)
She rocked those purple boots!
Here's the crew. Affectionately dubbed the "Sweet Suite," Danae and Jacey lived on the other side of the bathroom. :) So many special times together. Late nights, sharing closets, funny pranks, tons of laughs, long talks, inside jokes, sports workouts, studying for class...I could go on and on. 
My coordinating partner! Smart idea to have two do this job, Kira! It made being two places at once a lot easier!
And, the most important part, the happy couple!
After a special and busy day, I finally cornered these two for a picture before we sent them away in their limo. 
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Buzzard! Have a wonderful honeymoon!

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