Saturday, March 12, 2011

Party Time

On Saturday, we had some family and friends over to party with us! We were really looking forward to more 1st birthday fun. Before the festivities, we had fun setting up and were glad we had Bryan's mom, dad and brother here to help!
We were all working hard, getting things ready for supper and hanging up decorations. I put the boys to work, and they were such good sports!! I bet they hadn't worked with so much pink ribbon before, but, they did it all for sweet Makenah!

Bryan and Blake...
This is the birthday sign that I made for Makenah. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to do after seeing some signs that you could buy. I really had fun making all these things for her. 
What I loved most about Bryan and Blake's willingness to hang my sign was their attention to detail...was is centered? was it straight? They kept consulting me...they know me too well. :)
I also saw a cute idea another blogging mom shared, to hang pictures from each month. 
And, I went to town making pom poms. :)
Makenah's butterfly cake, and her "smash cake" 
For supper. we had a BBQ meal. Bryan prepared his specialty, pulled pork sandwiches. He smoked the pork on the smoker for 15 hours! It was delicious. We topped it off with baked beans and strawberry pretzel salad. 
The beehive! 
Makenah and her great grandad
With MeMe Debbie
Going through the BBQ line.
The birthday girl enjoyed her BBQ too!
Makenah was given so many nice gifts. We are so thankful for the generosity of our family and friends. 
Dr. Daddy Stucky helped her open her new play doctor kit. It is so cute, and a new favorite toy!
Our present to Makenah was a wagon! 
Singing Happy Birthday...
Diggin' in!
Digging for toys with her friend Cade.
Saying bye-bye to her friend Remi. was SO much fun celebrating our girl. She had a great time, we enjoyed having everyone over, and are so thankful to everyone for helping us make Makenah feel special on her day! I can't believe we have a 1 year old!! 

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Jenna said...

Everything looks SO cute Danielle! What a fun celebration! I love the dress you wore too! Where did you get your cake? It is adorable!