Thursday, March 3, 2011

This morning

Tomorrow is the big day!
It's almost birthday time!

There are a lot of special emotions going on now. The happiness and fondness that I remember back to us a year ago, and the excitement that is surrounding Makenah turning one, and the "oh my, our baby is one already" feeling. We are in full party mode around here. This weekend we will be celebrating Makenah, and I am so excited! 

So, here is the final picture, 36 weeks. 
That poor little white tank top stretched all the way to the end.
Here's where it started.
So, what does a little girl do the morning before her birthday?
She plays of course!

Some cute things I want to remember about Makenah right now...

She has started to enjoy pushing her little scooter/walker. 
Not only does she push it when it is down in scooter mode instead of extended like walker, but she pushes it from the back. 
 "Can I fit it in the corner, and play in my cupboard?"
Really though, you can push anything around, including your high chair and the bar stools. 
(And, as a bonus, you sometimes find something you dropped from breakfast! :)
She and Casey are very much in each others business right now. I got video this morning of her taking Casey his toys. She picks one up from somewhere in the living room, crawls with it over to him, and hands it to him. 
I know he wishes he could play with her things. Especially this ball. Casey LOVES to play ball, and its killing him! He watches her the whole time just in case...
It takes all his dog self control to not pounce on that ball when it rolls away!
 And then, it was time for him to rest. She moved on to his motorcycle, and he was fine with that. Still close to the action though, because they are buddies. 

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