Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friday night birthday

We were so thankful that my family was able to come over on Friday night, Makenah's birthday, and celebrate her with us. In planning a birthday party, I was having trouble finding a day when all our family could be here at the same time. It worked out well for my parents and brother and his girlfriend to come over Friday night and start the festivities. And, when Aunt Jenna gets to come home from Colorado, we can have more birthday! Yay!

I made pink cherry cupcakes for Friday night.
The gang eating supper
 I was impressed how much difference a couple of months made in opening presents from Christmas until now. She still couldn't completely open them, and was easily distracted, but helped out quite a bit in getting them open. 
Makenah got so many nice presents. Thanks so Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Jenna, Uncle Aaron and Olivia for the birthday gifts. She is a lucky girl.
So squirmy...
Waiting and watching patiently...
Makenah went to town with her cupcake. We were so curious to see what she would do, and a cupcake was the perfect size for her to handle. 
We had so much fun with the family here on Friday night. And, that same night, Bryan's family arrived to spend the weekend and continue the celebration with us at a party on Saturday. I think Makenah enjoyed the day, and fell right asleep after a long day of fun. 

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