Thursday, January 31, 2013

Windy park

The kids and I went to the park on Monday. It was going to be 70* out. I mentioned it that morning, and you know this two year old was not going to let me forget it. Well, it ended up being super windy, but she waited so patiently and played so sweetly until Logan was done napping. It was then she promptly reminded me it was park time. 

We went to the K-State park, named I think because of the purple play equipment...? It's a quiet, nice little neighborhood park near where Mimi and Papa, and Granna and Grandad live. It's a favorite of ours. 
Pushing in Logan. "I can do it, Mom." 

What a sweetheart this boy is. He's so easy going and such a good sport. Not gonna lie: I think the park is hard with 2 kids and just one adult. Well, it's hard when one of those kids is a non-walking toddler who can't be set in the sand. :) 
He was so cute watching his sissy.
And, just so we remember the crazy Kansas weather...
It was 70* this day, and the next day, Tuesday, it snowed here.
I was starting to get a little spring fever, and then I was quickly set straight.

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