Friday, March 1, 2013

Logan (11 months)

Can it be that our baby is getting so close to being one?
As each month of this past year has come and gone, I remember thinking, "one is still a ways off..." And now, here I am writing about my baby who is 11 months old.
The talk of the month is this boy who is a crazy good walker now. He walks all over and is nice and steady most of the time. He is pretty proud to be able to walk while holding things, and can carry his cup or snack cup with him too. Those things, along with random household goods.

This past month has found him into everything! The confidence he has gained walking must have translated into wanting to check everything out. Don't get me wrong, he has always been curious and explored all over, but for some reason he seems to be even busier. Books off the shelf, laundry from the hampers, toys all over, (mommy tidy up) Logan repeats. Cabinets from the kitchen, towels from the drawer, K-cups from the coffee stash, (mommy tidy up) Logan repeat. Toilet paper unrolled, tupperware thrown out, blocks all over, (mommy tidy up) Logan repeat. :) You get the idea.
We mostly smile and laugh though, because its done with the cutest grin you'll see. He's not too tuned into "no-no" yet, but if you say it or his name, in a questioning type voice you either get a giggle or a sweet smile that thinks you're playing with him.

We also get a kick out of how much Logan LOVES Makenah. He loves when she is near him, and he gravitates to where she is. He likes the toys she is playing with the best, he shakes and screams in excitement if he thinks she is "coming to get him," and watches everything she does.

It's hard to get a planned picture of this boy. You can bet he was not going to lay for one, but I was surprised he let me set him on this blanket. I took a few and then he was off.
Some more things to remember about Logan at 11 months.
~Dislikes the church nursery. It's been rough trying to get into a routine with this. (He's WAY too loud to even bring close to the sanctuary, ha!) We've moved him up to the toddler room now, where sissy is and there is more toys and excitement, but he still really struggles.
~Loves his grandparents, and WILL happily stay with them though...phew.
~Wakes up in the morning and from naps so happy.
~Squeals and hollers, has completely found his yelling voice,
~Loves Casey. Pulls is hair, face, and pats all over him.
~Has cute, soft, whispy hair that is starting to get in his eyes.
~Likes to push things--either while walking or around on the floor.
~Still loves taking baths! These days we're dealing with a boy who spends a good chunk of it trying to stand up and play around.
~Has super duper long eyelashes. I am imagining they will get somewhat of a curl like Bryan's when he is older.
~Loves to say "Hi." Says it all the time.

Happy 11 months Logan Kent.

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