Wednesday, December 11, 2013

From my phone...

I caught them standing still!
And then they started to wrestle.
 When my siblings were home for Thanksgiving we went out together for Sunday lunch and Bryan's parents got to join us too.
 Living room tent.
 Before the deep freeze came, we spent time outside. 
 My mom helped coordinate one the biggest and most beautiful fundraisers for work last month. Makenah and I got to go see a sneak peak early. She showed us all around. Many, many beautiful and impressive items were auctioned off.
 Making Christmas ornaments.
 Makenah is always asking me to take pictures with my phone. I can't blame her, she sees me doing it all the time!!
 He's a block stacking pro.
 I can't quite remember what she said she made...
 Out for dinner for Papa Steve's birthday.
 After Sunday lunch.
 This was the day before the snow and ice came…gorgeous. It was so funny knowing what was forecasted for the next day.
 She made me a plate of cookies. Rolled out all the play doh, used cookie cutters to make all kinds of shapes, put them on a plate and then bagged them up like she was delivering them to me.
 Helping me fold laundry. It usually turns into her trying things on. This day it was Daddy's scrubs. 
 The cutest customers at Home Depot.

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