Friday, December 13, 2013

Stucky Thanksgiving 2013

The week leading into Thanksgiving was a little more stressful than usual. The stomach flu made its way around our house, as it has been in many other homes so far this season, and it made planning and prepping for Thanksgiving a little different. 
(Talkin' about throw up here, so read on if you feel comfortable.)
It started with little Logan, poor guy must have thrown up early in the morning on that Tuesday. He didn't make a peep until his usual wake time, so I had no idea I needed to go in there…when I went in to get him there was throw up all over his crib. Oh my. He had a pretty quiet day, but he was in pretty good spirits…just lots of yucky diapers!
It seems inevitable that the other child will get it. That's seems to be how it always goes. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat. Tuesday night, a couple hours after we put her down for bed, Makenah wakes up and throws up in bed. My heart started beating so fast when I heard her. I was on the treadmill downstairs and heard her in the monitor…I jumped off the treadmill and sprinted upstairs, treadmill still flying. Makenah had it a little rougher than Logan, and was pretty yucky the day after too. 
I told Bryan I felt like a ticking time bomb. Just ready to get sick at any minute. Bryan and I wanted desperately not to get sick. I cleaned like crazy, we sanitized our hands every time we touched something we helped the kids with, and so on. 
I'll spare you the details, but Bryan got hit next. And, of the two of us, he was not the one I would have put my money on. Wednesday night going into Thanksgiving… yikes.
His loving mother postponed the big dinner, so he could rest and not miss out. We celebrated that Saturday and everyone was healthy. (I'm sure people were crossing their fingers we didn't bring any of that to the house! Ha!)
After a completely amazing lunch, enjoyed by the entire Stucky family, Bryan's grandparents, and my parents, we hung out the rest of the day and spent a lot of time outside. It was a gorgeous day!!

Uncle Brandon supervising
 Petting Sarah.
All the "kids" playing.
 He'll ride it any way he can.
 Thanks Uncle Blake.
 Brad, Racquel and Logan. 
 Papa broke out the 4 wheeler for the kids.There were tears when it ended. 
 There were also tears in between each ride, when it wasn't a certain little boy's turn. 
The day was totally awesome! Being together, laughing, eating a ton!!
Thanks for being so flexible Mimi and Papa!!
Thanksgiving is in the books!

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Jenna said...

Oh the flu at the holidays is a nightmare of mine!
At least you were at home!