Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy 8 years!

Happy Anniversary to my sweetheart.
Bryan and I were married 8 years ago today, in a beautiful nighttime winter wedding. 
The sanctuary was adorned with Christmas greens, trees, lights, red roses, and poinsettias.
Our parents helped us plan the most perfect ceremony for us, and our siblings stood on stage as our maid of honor, best man, and groomsmen. 
The music, the message, and all the details are still very fresh in my mind. My mom and sister still tease me for the crazy qualities I exhibited planning the details, shopping for the dress, and so on. I am thankful to them for helping making the day perfect for us. Bryan was calm and cool, with a huge smile at the front of the church and I was shaky with tears the whole way down the isle. 
The ceremony was just what we wanted. Our parents blessed our union, the music was moving, with a duet sung by my brother and sister, a message that was special and vows and rings that symbolized our deep love.  
We trotted down the isle as a new couple to the organ blaring, just as I'd always imagined! We celebrated with family and friends for hours at a wonderful reception. 
My family gained a fantastic guy that day, and I have been blessed beyond words to have become a Stucky. We are so very thankful for our families. 

Eight years seems like a long time as I think back to all the things that have happened in that time, but it also seems like just yesterday. 

Bryan starting medical school in Kansas City
My first teaching job in KC
Beginning my masters degree in counseling
Buying our first home in Wichita
Bringing home our Casey boy puppy
Moving to Wichita
Completing my degree and becoming a school counselor
Bryan completing med school
Starting residency
The birth of sweet Makenah Grace
Starting my new job at home: Mom
Committing to medical practice in Garden City, KS
The long hours and hard work of medical residency
The birth of our Logan Kent
Packing our first home and moving to Garden City with a 2 year old and tiny babe. 
Celebrating the conclusion of Bryan's training and the beginning of his new practice
Finding the perfect home for us in Garden City

These days our hearts are full and our hands are busy. 
Doing all that with my best friend and true love has been the best journey yet.
Happy Anniversary to my love.

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