Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nature Explore Center with Grandma

I'm sure you already know how much we love our library. We love to go to story time, we always have a bag full of books checked out, and we like to play in the kids room. I see value in spending time there, interacting with people, learning about the library, fostering a love for books and playing and having fun. 

So, another reason we love the library…

My mom is one of the directors for Russell Child Development, a center that provides early childhood services and interventions all over southwest Kansas. They have so many programs and impressive ways to meet the needs of little kids. It's been neat seeing many of the connections of her work in the community. One of these places, is the new Explore Nature outdoor classroom at the library. This cool space is an outdoor, interactive learning center with many fun areas to it. One morning when mom was the guest reader at story time, she took us outside to show us the new space. 

Through an exit out the back of the library, you enter a fully fenced in, beautifully landscaped and kid friendly explore area.
Reading books in the big chairs. 
 Places to sit, crawl, climb...
 Covered stage area
 Water play (no water because of the temps…)
 Pretty paths leading around
 Natural blocks
 Such fun instruments to make music
There were other areas I didn't get pictures of, since I wasn't planning on really using them to share, but I wanted to show some of the fun things there. 
So, add that to the list of why we love the library. 
Thanks for the tour Grandma!

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