Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Decorating the tree

Don't be fooled by my blogging schedule around here…this tree decorating happened before Thanksgiving. Whoa! 
For the first time, the tree went up before Thanksgiving, and I quite liked it! A combination of factors led to this decision and I think I'll carry on next year. The late holiday, combined with celebrating Thanksgiving early with my family, made me ready to get out the decor and enjoy it as long as we could! The tree went up first, and I followed up later with all the greens and decorations around the house. I should post those pictures too!
Makenah was my main helper for decorating, but we didn't want to leave Logan out, so we gave him some time before his nap to explore the ornaments (read: break a few) and be included in the tradition. After a little while, even Makenah told me, "Mama, I think Logan is being too rough with the ornaments." That was my cue. She and I finished the hanging during his nap time. (And then I spread the ornaments out a little after bedtime that night. Ha!)

Tree Assembly
 In his head I think he's thinking, "Oh my, oh my, oh my, these are mine, I'm touching these, I'm holding these, what do I do with these, you can't take these."
 Starting with the favorites. 
The kids pick an ornament themselves each year. 
(We started when Makenah was born. She has 4 now and Logan has 2. Makenah has been able to pick her last three all by herself, and she helped Logan pick one this year.) 
I'm not sure how that pipe cleaner creation made it on the tree again this year. I think it was fashioned and hung independently last year by a sweet little girl, and I just let it be, and even boxed it up with the rest. It was hung immediately, so I guess it stays. 
 The ornament cluster. 
 They each got a turn hanging the star that evening. 
 She thought the finished product looked great the next morning and commented on what a good job she did, so the spreading out of the ornaments went undetected. I still left all theirs at the bottom because they end up admiring them daily. 

If you like to look back, tree cutting/decorating of the past. 

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